I built this site to give free resources in order to teach children.  The big question is, will people be able to find it and use it?  This is a question every Website operator eventually asks themselves. Now that we have a nice Website how do to I let people know about it.  Over the next few months we will be testing out different ways to get traffic to our site.  

The best way to let people know about our Website is through word of mouth.  So please spread the word about our Website and use the worksheets with our Website address on them.  Every time parents and teachers print up worksheets and pass them around they help spread the word about of free resources.  This in turn helps us to continue to provide these resources because the site is designed to run off of advertising revenue.  Currently ad revenue doesn't cover the cost of the site.  I (Mr. Sayers) pay for and maintains the site.  I hope that that by the end of 2017 this Website is well known enough that many people benefit from it and the ad revenue covers the cost of hosting, maintaining and expanding the site.

This month I'm testing to see how much traffic we can get from two sources, twitter, and growtraffic.com.  With twitter I will be writing some tweets to my followers using relevant hash tags.   Hopefully there are a few teachers out there who learn about the site from this.  The other method is to try cheap forms of advertising.  GrowTraffic will sent send traffic to the site from ads on educational related sites.